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Wild or Farmed Seafood?

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Wild or Farmed Seafood?

Is wild or farmed seafood the healthy and sustainable choice and the future of farming? According to research by Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian of Tufts University, consuming just three to six ounces of farmed or wild fish high in omega-3 fatty acids each week has been shown to reduce the risk of death from coronary heart disease by 36%. That makes seafood a very important part of our diet. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization predicts that without aquatic farming, the world will face a seafood shortage of 50–80 million tons by 2030. Therefore, farmed seafood must be a part of our food system. Barton Seaver, Chef, author, and director of the Sustainable Food and Health Initiative at Harvard explains why farmed seafood is not only healthy, it will expand food production and minimize our environmental footprint.

Read more on how Seaver explores the current state of aquaculture and how it fits into a more sustainable future.

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California White Sea Bass

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California White Sea Bass

Seafood farming is the future, like land based animal farming, it is becoming the sustainable method for seafood production. This is something new for us and another step forward to increase food production without the degrading affects on natural resources.

The Hubb Research Institute in San Diego formed a partnership with Pacifico Aquaculture to farm sustainable Sea Bass and set the standard for best practices. The sustainable farming method raises White Sea Bass from eggs to market size fish in an ecologically sound manner. The farming method is certified by the GAA (Global Aquaculture Alliance), using BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices).

And now for the tasty details. Not only is this fish sustainably farmed it’s delicious and healthy.

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New Cocktails at Scott’s!

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New Cocktails at Scott’s!

Rosemary Chandon


Rosemary Chandon: a sparkling wine with a swish of rosemary and a touch of sweetness


Tito’s Apple


Tito’s Apple: tito’s vodka, apple-cinnamon simple syrup, cinnamon-sugar rim


Dragon Kiss


Dragon Kiss: bacardi dragonberry rum, orange juice, mint, blackberries, topped with sprite


Holly Basil


Holly Basil: absolut mandarin vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice and a sprig of basil


Blood Orange Margarita


Blood Orange Margarita: patron silver, citronge, lime juice, blood orange puree and grand marnier




Cranberrita: cazadores reposada, cointreau, peach stirrings, cranberry juice, sweet and sour


Cucumber Martini


Cucumber Martini: effen cucumber vodka, cointreau, lime and cucumber swirl


Pomegranate Lemon Drop


Pomegranate Lemon Drop: citron vodka, pama liqueur, pomegranate juice and fresh lemon juice




Sangria: cabernet sauvignon, brandy, triple sec macerated raspberries, peach schnapps, splash of orange juice


Moscow Mule


Moscow Mule: russian standard vodka, ginger beer, fresh lime

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Sacramento Business Journal’s Ed Goldman: ‘Farm-to-fork’ can mean fish, says owner of Scott’s on the River

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Sacramento Business Journal’s Ed Goldman: ‘Farm-to-fork’ can mean fish, says owner of Scott’s on the River

Jan 22, 2015, 8:45am PST
by Ed Goldman, Columnist- Sacramento Business Journal

When people use the ubiquitous local slogan “farm-to-fork,” they usually don’t mean fish. And that irks Alan Robert Pollock Irvine, owner and general manager of Scott’s Seafood on the River, whom we met in Wednesday’s column.

While principally known as a seafood restaurant, Scott’s serves “a lot of beef” as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, Irvine says. But since the selection of fresh fish entrees and appetizers comprise the place’s defining brand, this leads Irvine to talking about “the bad rap on farmed fish. I mean, when’s the last time you ate wild beef? Farmed fish is getting better and better all the time. Aquaculture” — as opposed to agriculture — “is the future, and we just have to get into it.”

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Sacramento Business Journal’s Ed Goldman: Meet Alan Irvine, the Scot who runs Scott’s on the River

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Sacramento Business Journal’s Ed Goldman: Meet Alan Irvine, the Scot who runs Scott’s on the River

Jan 21, 2015, 8:45am PST
By Ed Goldman, Columnist- Sacramento Business Journal

No irony was intended when the owner of Scott’s Seafood hired a Scot to run it.

Alan Robert Pollock Irvine, a native of Paisley, Scotland, is the general manager of Scott’s Seafood on the River, the elegant but friendly restaurant tucked into what was formerly Le Rivage Hotel and is now The Westin Sacramento. It’s the only independent restaurant in the Westin chain and also the exclusive caterer of the hotel (including room service). “The only way having a new hotel here has changed the way we do things is that it’s been a wonderful enhancement,” Irvine says of his landlord.

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